Monday, 4 February 2013

Strawberry Cheesecake - Chill

125g of cream crackers - i used digestive biscuit
1 tbsp powdered sugar - sifted
80g unsalted butter - melted.

375g cream cheese
125g powdered sugar (sifted)
250g whipcream - whipped till stiff peak
3 tbsp limon juice - i used 2 tbsp
1 tbsp powdered gelatin
50 ml water

3 tbsp strawberry jam - i used 6 tbsp
1 tbsp hot water - i used 2 tbsp
fresh strawberries

In a food processor, bliz cream crackers until smooth
Mix the biscuits, powdered sugar and melted butter, mix well.
Pour into a baking pan, flatten and compact with the back of ur spoon or use cake lapis presser
Place in refrigerator for an hour.

Microwave gelatin & water on high .. stir and set aside.
Beat cream cheese and sugar until soft, add lemon juice, mix it again until blended.
Pour 1/3 whipped cream into cream cheese batter and stir well.
Pour back cream cheese mixture into whipped cream mixture and stir well.
Enter the solution of gelatin, stirring until blended.
Pour the batter into an 18cm pan, flatten it and keep it in refrigerator overnight.

Mix strawberry jam with hot water, stir and let cool.
Pour into chilled cheese cake, flatten add fresh strawberries.


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